using Unity to create GBA games

We can use Unity to build scenes and maps that will be used in our GBA game. 

Our next step is to be able to build our tilemaps. I found that butano has an optimization that automatically transforms a background into a tilemap, and that really saves us a lot of time, as we can just generate the background image and butano does the optimization. I know there are specialized tools for creating tilemaps, but I'm used to developing in Unity, and I believe a lot of people are too. Because of that, I adapted my workflow to use it.

At first, I create a tile palette in Unity, and also a grid with a cell size of 0.16 units, because the tiles I intend to use are 16x16 pixels, this means that when using a cell of 0.16 sides, I will have neither overlap nor gaps in our tilemap.

Once I have the tilemap created in Unity, I can export it in png format using this package.

Having the png file, I just convert it to 256 color a bmp using Usenti

the next essential step is figuring out how the coordinate system works, so I put a simple camera on our tilemap , a cursor and some text  using butano to tell us the current position.

So we understand that the origin of the coordinate axes is the center of the image, and y grows as we go down and x grows as we go right.

Knowing this, we will be able to configure a script in Unity to give us the position in the GBA coordinate system, this will allow us to create the entire scenario in Unity itself, giving us more visibility.

That's it for today!


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Aug 10, 2022

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